Program Name


Medical Funds Resource Management & Engineering Support


Project Overview


IWON provides professional, administrative, and technical services to NAVFAC in support of the Medical Facilities Design Office (MFDO)


*   Provide quantitative and qualitative support to NAVFACHQ/MFDO for Defense Medical MILCON related program assets.

*   Update MILCON fund status summary reports at the project level across the five active appropriation years and the five expired appropriation years for each of the Major Construction, Planning & Design and Minor Construction fund sources.

*   Provide programmatic and/or project level fund availabilities to optimize resource utilization within the program.

*   Modify status reports as necessary to maintain currency with Fiscal Year project/program content.

*   Provide major construction contract detailed obligation status updates for active MILCON projects to identify change order trends and overall progress in contract execution.

*   Update BRAC fund status summary reports at a detailed and summary project and appropriation level across the appropriated years for both the Major Construction and Planning & Design fund sources.

*   Update ARRA fund status summary reports at the project level for both the Major Construction and Planning & Design fund sources.

*   Develop and provide Planning & Design funds program requirements.

*   Provide fund oversight summary to assist determination of available sources to fund annual Defense Medical Foreign Currency Fluctuation requirements.   

*   Coordinate, develop and advocate multi-year DoD Military Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF), program and Medical DoD-Facilities related matters with OASD(HA)/TMA and BUMED.

*   Provide DoD MTF guidance on medical criteria during all aspects of development.

*   Provide guidance on medical equipment requirements and commissioning for DoD Medical Treatment Facilities.

*   Support as a Medical Liaison Manager to the field for the Medical Facilities Design Office.

*   Develop, interpret and provide guidance to Navy enterprise sponsors.

Review and provide guidance on Quality Control (QC) issues specific medical criteria on Medical Treatment Facilities.


Program Name


NAVFAC Southeast Construction Management / Engineering


Project Overview


IWON provided professional, administrative, and technical services including quality assurance and inspection for various construction contracts world-wide.


*   Interpreted and enforced contract provisions, plans and specifications and scopes of work covering the facility under construction or other work being accomplished.

*   Documented contract progress by generating reports; inspect all construction work including mechanical and electrical installations   and photographs of the work.

*   Planned and oversaw inspections to ensure proper execution of contracts and to ensure that progress is satisfactory.

*  Investigated problems in the field.

*  Monitored schedule of construction operations with contractor performing work

*  Initiated, analyzed and evaluated all progress reports on work performed.

*  Estimated and determined percentage of completion on work in progress and final determination on the amount of work in place.

*  Checked and approved contractor’s estimates for partial payment.

*  Performed daily force account and equipment report and maintains daily diary of events at individual construction sites.

*  Maintained open lines of communication between contractor and NAVFAC Southeast.

*  Provided a bi-weekly update of the progress of the construction projects.

*  Organized, participated and documented meetings with the contractor and NAVFAC Southeast.

*  Verified that construction contractor maintained one up-to-date set of as-built record drawings, clearly and accurately showing all changes and variations as they are made.

*  Reported discrepancies of plans and specifications to NAVFAC Southeast and AE.

*  Reviewed and evaluated contractor’s performance statements and invoices and provide recommendations for processing progress payments.

*   Promptly notify NAVFAC Southeast of any conflicts, unforeseen conditions, or potential construction problems as soon as they are identified. Advise NAVFAC Southeast of construction contractors’ position, possible solutions and recommended course of action.

*  Conducted pre-final and final inspections in conjunction with NAVFAC Southeast; prepare punch list and re-inspect for contractor compliance.

*  Prepared Official Government Estimate and recommended to NAVFAC Southeast proposed action concerning correspondence and requests for change orders.

Past performance

  • Program Management
  • Systems Engineering



IWON, LLC is a professional management and engineering support services firm providing support to the U.S. Navy. Founded in 2006, IWON has provided engineering, construction management, funds management, and project oversight support services to the Naval Facilities Engineering Command both CONUS and OCONUS.